College Chapters

Located at over 180 colleges, tribal colleges, and universities throughout North America, AISES College Chapters provide professional and social peer support, and serve as liaison between AISES National Office and our students.

Although each College Chapter has unique priorities, goals, and member profiles, there are several common traits and roles that all share.

College Chapters:

  • provide peer support, career guidance, and leadership opportunities to fellow students;
  • provide academic, cultural, and social support to members; contribute to local and regional communities;
  • support and contribute towards fulfillment of the AISES mission; and demonstrate upstanding scholastic and character values to other students. 

Exemplary chapters are recognized during awards ceremonies at the National Conference.

College Chapters

Starting a College Chapter

Effective chapter organization and mission clarity are crucial. With these intact, yours will be a strong, effective, and efficient college chapter able to meet the needs of your members. This section explains membership requirements for starting a college chapters, how to select a chapter advisor and the application process.

Membership Requirements

Each AISES College Chapter must have a minimum of eight members, with all of them being individual members of AISES. Annual college student membership dues are $25. The members listed on the petition to form a College Chapter (hereinafter referred to as the organizers or organizing committee) must be current with their AISES National membership. Exceptions to the eight-member requirement will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but no exceptions can be made regarding membership status. Membership verification may be sent along with the petition.

Selecting a Chapter Advisor

Each Student Chapter must have at least one advisor, who may be a member of the faculty or staff selected according to the criteria established by the Student Chapter. The Chapter Advisor is the one who will sign the petition. While there are no particular requirements a person must meet to become an advisor, chapter organizers are advised to choose someone who demonstrates a dedication and commitment to the chapter's students and AISES' mission.

Required Application Documents

  • Cover letter (Click here for samples)
  • Petition to form a College Chapter signed by the Chapter Advisor
  • Verification of eight current AISES memberships
  • Copies of meeting minutes reflecting adoption of AISES' Code of Conduct and signed form submitted.  (This Code is preferred; however, some chapters find that over time they adapt amendments tailored to the Chapter’s evolving and distinct needs and circumstances).
  • Signed copy of the AISES Code for the Governing of Student Chapters indicating:
    • the code was adopted at a regularly scheduled meeting of the organizing committee
    • the number of votes for and the number against adoption and the date of adoption
  • Letter stating that the college or university has certified their chapter as a duly recognized student organization

Please send your completed application and supporting documents to:
AISES — Membership Department
4263 Montgomery Blvd. 
Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87109


Fundraising Resources

These presentations were given at the AISES 2015 National Conference

Student Representatives

AISES college chapters are divided into seven geographical regions, each with its own Regional Student Representative. Regional Reps serve as liaisons between the National AISES Office and the national and regional student body. Regional Student Representatives are elected  at the annual Spring Regional Conference by the members in that region. Two national Student Representatives are elected by the AISES student members.  Non-voting members of the Board of Directors, they serve a two-year term.

Student Representatives evaluate common issues and concerns and make recommendations for ways to improve AISES’ member services. For information on how to qualify as a Regional Student Representative, contact AISES.

To apply for a 2017-2019 National Student Representative, please fill out this application form

National Student Representatives Roles and Responsibilities 

Regional Student Representatives Roles and Responsibilities

Student Representative Handbook

National Student Representatives

Senior National Student Representative:  Hannah Balderas (Three Affiliated Tribes, Santee Sioux and Little Shell Ojibwa),
University of North Dakota - Term: November 2016-November 2018

Junior National Student Representative:  Steven Just (Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux),
University of Minnesota-Duluth - Term: November 2017-November 2019

Regional Student Representatives

Current Term: Summer 2017 - Summer 2018

Region 1:  Cody Kapotak (Portage Creek Village), University of Alaska-Anchorage

Region 2:  Ely Boone (Karuk), Humboldt State University

Region 3:  Chris Greenstone (Navajo), Northern Arizona University

Region 4:  Madison McMillen (Cherokee), University of Arkansas

Region 5: Emily Falcon (Turtle Mountain Chippewa), University of North Dakota

Region 6:  Bailee Hopkins Hensley (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma), Cornell University

Region 7:  Kayla Johnson (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians), University of Mississippi


Student Rep Email login


Maintaining a College Chapter

A main responsibility of College Chapters is to send status and activity reports to the AISES National Office. This enables AISES National Office staff know how to contact chapters and how well they are operating. With this information, AISES staff can best assist chapters with reaching their goals.

AISES relies on this information from college chapters, since these serve as "on-the-ground" resources who are best placed to keep staff apprised of the issues, barriers, and accomplishments of our students in STEM, at the local and regional level.

Information provided in the reports also helps AISES determine which chapters are doing exemplary work and should be recognized through the annual Chapter Awards.

Chapters that fail to submit their annual report will be considered inactive and ineligible to participate in AISES activities — including the Leadership Conference, Chapter Awards, and Student Caucuses at the National Conference. So please stay current with your reports and be aware of the deadlines.

Required Chapter Reports

Annual Online Chapter Update - This update helps AISES maintain accurate contact information and demonstrates active chapter status at the beginning of the academic year.

Annual Chapter Report –  Due May 31. This report provides the national office with information about your chapter's activities, member demographics, and financial status, and standardizes our method of data collection, helping us evaluate programs and assess program needs. Download the report HERE

In addition, there is one required brief update due to National  Office on or before October 15th to verify that your chapter is active for the current academic year.  

Additional updates should be sent to your Regional Representative at any time during the academic year if your contact information changes

Please send your completed report to:
AISES – Membership & Communications Department
2305 Renard Place, Suite 200
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Report FAQs

If the  online Chapter Update is received and is complete, and the chapter has at least eight members with current National AISES membership, the chapter is considered active and is listed on the AISES Chapters Directory. The President and Chapter Advisor of each active AISES College Chapter are added to the appropriate AISES listserv.
To contact active College Chapters, Professional Chapters, and Affiliated Pre-College schools, visit the AISES Chapters directory or join the Facebook group.
Please contact us. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for guidance. The materials required to reinstate your chapter will depend on the length of the chapter’s inactive status.

The College Chapter Awards Program is modeled after the Professional of the Year Awards, with four categories and one overarching award for overall excellence selected from among the applicants. Chapters compete in the following categories: Fundraising and Marketing, Recruitment and Retention, Outreach and Community Service, and Professional and Chapter Development.

Recipient of the 2016 Stelvio J. Zanin Chapter of the Year - University of North Dakota AISES chapter
The AISES Chapter of the Year Award is presented for overall achievement by a college chapter in the promotion of the principles and goals of the AISES. 

2016 Recruitment/Retention Chapter Award - University of Alaska-Fairbanks AISES chapter
Recruitment and Retention are crucial aspects of ensuring that AISES’ network of more than 170 college chapters remains vibrant and strong.

2016 Professional & Chapter Development Award - University of North Dakota AISES chapter
Professional and chapter development is a long-range AISES goal. A primary goal of AISES chapters is to ensure that upon graduation, their members are prepared to enter the workforce.  Stanford University received the Stelvio J. Zanin Chapter of the Year Award for 2008.

2016 Outreach & Community Service Award - No winner
Outreach and community service are the cornerstones of AISES’ goal to ensure that its student chapter members and leaders across the country help maintain strong relationships locally by staying active in local efforts and providing valuable services such as mentoring and serving as role models to the younger students interested in science and engineering.

2016 Marketing & Fundraising Award - No winner
Successful fundraising strategies and designed marketing plans/tools to carry out chapter fundraising functions are important skills for chapters and their members.

Application for the 2017 Awards

AISES Chapter Awards Program:

Chapters may apply to no more than two (2) Award Categories.  The Award Categories are:

  1. Recruitment/Retention
  2. Fundraising/Marketing
  3. Outreach & Community Service
  4. Professional & Chapter Development           

Chapters are eligible to win in both categories they are applying for.

Application Process:

All applications packets must adhere to the application guidelines:

  1. AISES Chapter Awards Application
  2. Cover letter summarizing qualifications of award
  3. Nomination letter by the Chapter Advisor
  4. Report highlighting criteria for selected Award Category (Report should be no longer than six pages, single sided, double spaced.)
  5. Multi-media presentation

All information submitted in the application should be based on previous year’s activities.  No supplemental material will be accepted (i.e., newsletters, brochures, etc.).

Evaluation of Applications:

Things to keep in mind when completing the application process and compiling your summary of activities/events:

  • How effective is your chapter’s program in which you are applying for recognition?
  • Who does it impact?
  • How unique are the strategies/plans your chapter has designed and implemented?
  • What is the percentage of improvement from previous years?
  • How can other chapters benefit from these strategies and ideas?

AISES Stelvio J. Zanin Distinguished Chapter of the Year Award:

The AISES Chapter of the Year Award is presented for overall achievement by a college chapter in the promotion of the principles and goals of the AISES.  One chapter is selected from among all Chapter Awards applicants.  AISES will no longer offer a separate application process for the Chapter of the Year Award.

Program Expectations

Chapter of the Year and Category Award winners will be encouraged to participate in AISES events and venues thought the year.  AISES will provide one free registration to the AISES Leadership Conference for one member of the Chapter of Year and Category Award Chapters to share their successes among other chapters.

Award Disclaimer:

  1. AISES Chapter of the Year must sit out one year before applying to the AISES Chapter Awards Program.
  2. Chapters are only allowed to receive the same Category Awards no more than two consecutive years.

CATEGORY Awards Criteria:

Recruitment/Retention Chapter Award – One award will be given to the Chapter that demonstrates unique and creative strategies and outreach activities to recruit new members and retain current members.  The Recruitment/Retention Award will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Recruitment Program
  2. Retention Program
  3. Chapter recruitment and retention numbers
  4. Uniqueness of chapter recruitment/retention programs
  5. Adherence to AISES Principles

Each criteria is evaluated equally (20 points each).

Fundraising/Marketing Chapter Award – One award will be given to the Chapter that has planned and carried out successful fundraising strategies and designed a marketing plan/tool to carry out fundraising functions.  The Fundraising/Marketing Award will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Chapter Fundraising
  2. Chapter Marketing
  3. Chapter fundraising/marketing success story
  4. Uniqueness of chapter’s fundraising and marketing strategies
  5. Adherence to AISES Principles ​

Each criteria is evaluated equally (20 points each).

Outreach & Community Service Chapter Award – One award will be given to the Chapter that has organized and conducted community service projects, developed outreach strategies to included AISES K-12 schools and schools within their community.  The Outreach & Community Service Award will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Community Service Activities
  2. Outreach Programs
  3. Chapter community service and outreach success story
  4. Uniqueness of chapter’s community service and outreach
  5. Adherence to AISES Principles

Each criteria is evaluated equally (20 points each).

Professional & Chapter Development Chapter Award – One award will be given to the chapter that offers programs and opportunities for professional and leadership development for their members through chapter activities, seminars, guest speakers, etc.  The Professional & Chapter Development Award will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Professional Development Program
  2. Chapter Development Program
  3. Participation
  4. Uniqueness of chapter’s personal and chapter development programs
  5. Adherence to AISES Principles

Each criteria is evaluated equally (20 points each).

Application Deadline:  December 1, 2017 (received)

Application for the 2017 Awards

AISES’ Chapter Advisors serve in one of the most varied and challenging roles within the entire AISES organization.  Not only are they ‘ambassadors’ of the organization to external organizations, but are also advocates of their Chapter within the College/University structure, Liaison to the National AISES office, and also serve directly to their chapter members as academic advisors, resources to the services available from the college/university, spokespeople to college/university administrators, and in a host of other roles depending on the individual Advisor.

AISES continues to be appreciative of the time, effort, and dedication of Chapter Advisors nationwide.  In recognition of their work and dedication to the AISES mission, chapter members have an opportunity to nominate their chapter advisor for the 2016 AISES Chapter Advisor Award.

2016 Chapter Advisor of the Year Winner

Katherine Sukalski, University of North Dakota


All college chapters in good standing may nominate their advisor(s).  Chapters considered in good standing are those that:

  • Submitted their Annual Chapter Report by May 31st

To verify your chapter’s status, contact Lisa Paz at

Application Process:

All nomination application packets must adhere to the guidelines:

  1. AISES Chapter Advisor Award Nomination Application
  2. Cover letter summarizing qualifications of award
  3. Nomination letter by a Chapter Officer
  4. Chapter Advisor photo (high-resolution)
  5. List of chapter members

Evaluation of Applications:

Things to keep in mind regarding your advisor(s) when completing the nomination process and compiling your cover letter:

  • Leadership abilities and/or initiatives
  • Uniqueness and/or innovation of contributions to the chapter
  • Ability to solicit the support of the college/university and utilize their resources
  • Awareness of each chapter member’s academic and professional goals
  • Ability to relate to chapter members on an individual basis
  • Ability to recognize and encourage participation of all chapter members


A completed nomination application form and supplemental documents must be received by: December 1, 2017.

2017 Chapter Advisor of the Year Application