Professional Chapters

AISES’ Professional Chapters provide members opportunity and support as they rise along their career path. AISES professional members complete the "circle of support" by serving as mentors, advisors, and role models to younger members. In their local communities, AISES professional chapter members provide a variety of activities on a local level that support STEM success for other American Indians and Alaska Natives. 

  • Providing role models for AI/AN students and professionals
  • Playing a support/mentorship role for students in the transition from student status to professional status
  • Organizing seminars and workshops that help develop management, communication, and other professional skills
  • Giving access to networking resources such as community relations, scholarships, and job-opportunity awareness
  • Serving as AISES-endorsed “Subject Matter Experts,” speaking in educational and media platforms and raising public awareness about AI/AN contributions in STEM
  • Supporting educational partnerships with our affiliate schools, and by serving as judges for NAISEF and at our other events
  • Encouraging participation in other technical societies.
  • Nominating and supporting individuals for AISES Board of Directors and AISES awards programs.

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Professional Chapters

Starting a Professional Chapter

The following guidelines help Professional Chapters exist as strong, effective, and efficient bodies that function in cohesion with the AISES National Office.

Membership Requirements

Each AISES Professional Chapter must have a minimum of five General members in good standing with AISES National Office. The members listed on the petition to form a Professional Chapter (hereinafter referred to as the organizers or organizing committee) must be current with their AISES National membership

Documents and Forms

The following documents are required to apply to an AISES Professional Chapter:

Maintaining a Professional Chapter

Quarterly reports are required for Professional Chapters to remain in good standing.  The report will cover chapter officers, chapter members, chapter activites and chapter financials.  With each quarterly report, the following must also be sumitted:

  • Completed professional Chapter Quarterly Report.
  • Bank statements covering the period of the quarter
  • Professional Chapater Dues
  • Meeting minutes covering the period of the quarter

Please send your completed reports and chapter dues to:
AISES – Membership Department
4263 Montgomery Blvd NE,  Suite 200 
Albuquerque, NM 87109 

Professional Chapter Awards Program

AISES’ goal is to assist professional chapters in building and strengthening chapters to meet the AISES Mission and to encourage chapters to increase membership, build on current strengths and develop leadership among chapter members. The Professional Chapter Awards Program allows chapters to identify their strengths and recognize the accomplishments of their fellow chapters.

2015 Professional Chapter Award Recipients


To apply for the 2017 Professional Chapter of the Year award please see the criteria and application here

Deadline: September 8, 2017

This year, ALL registered professional chapters are invited to apply.

Application Process:

All application packets must adhere to the application guidelines:

  1. AISES Professional Chapter Awards Application;
  2. Cover letter summarizing qualifications of award written by Chapter President;
  3. Multi-media presentation. (1-minute or less)

All information submitted in the application should be based on previous year’s activities.  No supplemental material will be accepted (i.e., newsletters, brochures, etc.).

Evaluation of Applications:

Criteria to keep in mind when completing the application process and compiling your summary of activities/events are:

  • How effective is your chapter’s program in which you are applying for recognition?
  • Who does it impact?
  • How unique are the strategies/plans your chapter has designed and implemented?
  • What is the percentage of improvement from previous years?
  • How can other chapters benefit from these strategies and ideas?

To apply for the 2017 Professional Chapter of the Year awards please see the criteria and application here

Deadline: September 8, 2017

If you have any questions regarding the Professional Chapter of the Year awards you can contact Lisa Paz, Director of Membership, at 

AISES Professional Awards Program

In recognition of the significant contributions American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) have made to the STEM disciplines, AISES conducts the Professional Awards Program. 2018 will be the 15th year recognizing the accomplishments of these individuals as leaders, innovators, and role models. AISES is currently seeking nominees for its Professional Awards in the following categories: Executive Excellence, Technical Excellence, Most Promising Engineer or Scientist and Blazing Flame. 



For more information or to submit a nomination vist:

Nominations must be submitted by May 25 at 11:59 pm MDT. The 2018 awards ceremony takes place during the AISES National Conference. 

2017 Awardees:

Executive Excellence:  Gary Burnette 

The nominee must be an experienced upper-level manager or a well-established engineer, scientist, professional, or academician who has significant department and budget responsibilities.

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Technical Excellence: Ginger Hernandez

The nominee must have made a significant contribution to science, engineering or technology by having designed, developed, managed or assisted in the development of a product, service, system or intellectual property.

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Most Promising Engineer or Scientist: Thomas Reed

The nominee must be a professional engineer or scientist with less than five years experience after earning his/her last degree. The candidate’s early technical contributions should already indicate a promising career.

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Blazing Flame: Brandon Polingyumptewa

As embedded in the AISES logo, the Blazing Flame Award is presented to an individual who blazes a path for Native Americans in STEM careers.  This award recognizes individuals with 10+ years of professional experience with significant accomplishments in advancing STEM education and careers. The nominee may or may not have a technical background.

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AISES Professional of the Year: William Tiger

The AISES Professional of the Year Award is presented for overall leadership and technical achievement.  This individual is selected from among the top candidates submitted in all categories; therefore, individual nominations are not accepted for this award.

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Blazing Flame

2016: Marie Capitan

The Professional of the Year:

2016: Karletta Chief, PhD
2015: Pat Gwin
2014: Dr. A. D. Cropper, Kalinago Carib
2013: Randall McKee, Cherokee
2012: Jeff Kinneeveauk, Inupiat Eskimo
2011: Jerry R. Roberson, D.V.M., Ph.D., Cherokee 
2010: David Daniel, Cherokee
2009: Kimberley Oldham, Musgogee Nation
2008: Jason Cummings, Ph.D., Lumbee/Coharie 
2007: Lorena Hegdal, Inupiaq Eskimo
2006: Frank Martinez, Navajo
2005: Nancy Jackson, Ph.D., Seneca Nation of New York
2004: Richard Kevin “Savik” Glenn, Inupiaq Eskimo

Executive Excellence:

2016: Richard Johnson
2015: Mel Yawakie
2014: Mike Laverdure, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa
2013: Robbie E. Hood, Cherokee
2012: Linda Benson Kusumoto, Tsimshian Nation, Annette Island, Metlakatla
2011: Terry-Lee Braun, Seneca Nation
2010: Not awarded
2009: Olav Kjono, Mohawk
2008: CAPT. Jeffrey Trussler, Cherokee
2007: Gary Bishop, White Earth Ojibway
2006: Ray Hanes, Ph.D., Cherokee
2005: Johnpaul Jones, Choctaw/Cherokee
2004: Richard Stephens, Pala Band of Mission Indians

Technical Excellence:

2016: Tara Astigarraga
2015: Sarah Lauff 
2014: Joe Connolly, Haudenosaunee of the Onondaga Nation-Wolf Clan from Six Nations Reserve of the Grand River
2013: Lawrence Short Bull, Rosebud Sioux
2012: Christopher "Scott" Nordahl Ph.D., Doyon Limited, Alleut Alaskan Native
2011: Tony Ferguson, Citizen Band of Potowatomi
2010: Karen McDaniel, Navajo
2009: Robert Harper, Ph.D., Mississippi Choctaw
2008: Jacklin Adams, Wyandot
2007: Stanley Atcitty, Ph.D., Navajo
2006: Chris J. Cornelius, Ph.D., Oneida
2005: Mark Hakey, Abanaki tribe, St. Francis-Sokoki Band
2004: Not awarded

Most Promising Engineer or Scientist:

2016: Michael Dockry,PhD
2015: Franklin Dollar 
2014: Mitchell Martin, Cherokee
2013: Kristina Halona, Navajo
2012: Lauren M. Wolf, Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma
2011: Benjamin Mar, Cherokee
2010: Karletta Chief, Ph.D., Navajo
2009: Not awarded
2008: Nathaniel Todea, Navajo
2007: Tara Astigarraga, Choctaw
2006: Bevan Baas, Ph.D., Navajo
2005: John DeBassige, Ojibwe
2004: Aaron Thomas, Ph.D., Navajo